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What makes lethal.network stand out?

Friendly Community

We provide you with a friendly enviroment no matter if you're a new player or just the average no-lifer!

Active Admins

Our active admin and moderation team takes care of upcoming issues so your time at lethal.network can be guaranteed to be chaos free.

Solid Servers

We provide rock-solid game servers for our community with a tons of custom content and hand picked plugins!

Community Guidelines

We expect a certain level of decency from players that play on our servers. If you're not sure if the below
rules don't apply to your general behaviour/gameplay style re-think joining our community or gameservers!

If you find yourself in a situation that is not listed, please reach out to the staff team via Discord.

  • Don't harass other people of our community.
  • No racism, racial slurs or comments.
  • Suspicious links, especially on discord, will get removed instantly.
  • Do not permanently swear in discord nor in the in-game chat.
  • No NSFW messages or links.
  • Never advertise any other servers/websites.
  • Don't ask/beg for items(if applicable)/ranks.
  • No real life threatening. This is a serious offence and actions will be taken.

Our Team




 Server Admin 


 Server Admin 

M.R Kill Me

 Server Admin 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link my Discord account?

You may link your social media accounts and Discord here. On some of our servers you'll be rewarded for joining our Discord server and Steam group!

I have been banned from lethal.network. How do I appeal a ban?

The easiest way to get support is by joining our Discord server here.
Open a new ticket by just sending message in #create-a-ticket a new ticket will then automatically created for you.

Nice website! Can I have this?

Yes! Here...