lethal.network #1 - Minicopter
X2 / Free Mini / Bi-Weekly
lethal.network #2 - Under Construction
OneGrid? / Savas? / Small?
lethal.network #3 - Vanilla+
Shopkeeper / Economy / Anti-Grief


What makes lethal.network stand out?

Active Staff

Our team takes your requests & appeals serious. We try to settle disputes & eliminate upcoming problems as fast as possible!

Friendly Players

Most of our players are pretty helpful when it comes to new players. Most of them take the game not as seriously as the average no-life gamer.

Solid Servers

All our game server run on our own hardware. Counting since 2016 we have had zero unscheduled outages or hardware failures!

Community Guidelines

We expect a certain level of decency from players that play on our servers. If you're not sure if the below
rules don't apply to your general behaviour/gameplay style re-think joining our community or gameservers!

If you find yourself in a situation that is not listed, please reach out to the staff team via Discord.

  • Don't harass other people of our community.
  • No racism, racial slurs or comments.
  • Suspicious links, especially on discord, will get removed instantly.
  • Do not permanently swear in discord nor in the in-game chat.
  • No NSFW messages or links.
  • Never advertise any other servers/websites.
  • Don't ask/beg for items(if applicable)/ranks.
  • No real life threatening. This is a serious offence and actions will be taken.

Our Team



Mr Shadow






M.R Kill Me


Simonino kun


OG ZenicaBlues


Frequently Asked Questions

I the website! Can I have it?

Yes, you can! lethal.landing can be bought here: https://store.lethal.network.
lethal.landing is highly extensible check out the awesome add-ons as well!