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    Community Rules

    We expect a certain level of decency from players that play on our servers. If you're not sure if the below
    rules don't apply to your general behaviour/gameplay style re-think joining our community or gameservers!

    Rust is an extremely dynamic environment, and every possible situation cannot be spelled out in black and white.
    If you find yourself in a situation that is not listed, please reach out to the staff team via Discord.

    Discord & Server Bans

    Players hacking/exploiting and deliberately breaking rules will be banned.
    Bans may also be appealed in the appropriate Discord channel.
    Smaller infractions will result in the following:

    Hacker/Banned Player Association

    If a player is game banned or banned from our servers for any reason, they are not allowed to evade that ban and play again
    on a new account. When we catch players doing this they will be banned again for Ban Evasion. Associating with these players on a
    new account can, and often will, result in a ban for individuals or an entire team depending on the circumstances.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get the Member rank?

    This depends entirely on the game you want to get the rank for. For RUST you will need to type >auth anywhere on our Discord server, our bot will
    then message you details on how to become a member. Minecraft requires you to execute /auth in-game and everything else is a manual process.

    Are there paid kits or commands?

    The answer is simple, no. We plan to accept donations in the future but there's no intention to offer any pay to win options.
    There might be some QOL permissions, chat tags or the ability to join full servers. Only time will tell.

    How can I become admin?

    We do not have any applications open as of right now and we won't in the future. Only trustworthy members might be
    given the chance to get promoted to moderator/admin. Please do not ask or beg for ranks as stated in the rules above.

    Can you add feature X to server Y?

    We love feedback from our players and will discuss every recommendation you might make. Make sure to always post them in the
    appropriate Discord channel otherwise it might get lost. Don't be mad if your request can't be approved.

    I have been banned. How can I appeal?

    This depends on severity of the rule violation. For minor ban reasons you can appeal a ban via Discord. Explain why you should be unbanned.
    Don't blame other players for you getting banned since it greatly reduces the chance to get unbanned. Good Luck!

    Can you whitelist my Bloody/A4 Tech mouse on RUST??

    No! We're not able to as this decision is made entirely by Easy Anti Cheat. Read this!

    RUST Server Statistics

    This Feature is currently in development!


    Thanks for considering a donation but as of now this is not possible.